Esports Classify As Types of Sport Betting By West Virginia Hb 4826

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Are you looking for the types of sports betting? Well, The West Virginia House of Representatives is looking at the possibility of esports betting as part of a new proposal that would classify professional video gaming as a recognized wagering discipline.

The Status of Esports As Types of Sport Betting

West Virginia is hoping to cash in on the esports betting industry’s rapid expansion. The state is becoming more receptive to the notion of gambling on video games and has suggested a new amendment that may make esports a legally recognized sport. 

House Bill 4826 proposes the change, which aims to establish a clear definition of esports and classify it as a valid sports betting category in the Mountain State.

An esports event, according to the bill, is anything that fits the following description: an electronic sport or competitive video game performed as a spectator sport. The legislation also intends to classify esports as a professional athletic discipline. The bill reads as follows:

‘A professional sport or athletic event, collegiate sport or athletic event, motor race event, e-sports event, or any other special event authorized by the commission under this article is referred to as a “sports event” or “sporting event.”

The Bill Has Received a Decent Support

Following the lifting of the sports betting ban in 2018, West Virginia was one of the first states to legalize every kind of sports betting. The Mountain State has been a forerunner in the business since then. People of legal age in the state can currently wager on both professional and collegiate sports events without restriction.

The state will effectively establish esports as a valid betting discipline within the sports betting category by classifying them as professional sporting events. Several West Virginia delegates have already endorsed House Bill 4826. 

Bennett Queen, Clay Riley, Daniel Linville, Moore Capito, Shawn Fluharty, and Steve Westfall are among those named. House Bill 4826 will now be reviewed by the House Finance Committee.

Esports Betting Continues to Grow

As esports has increased in popularity around the world, along with many online betting games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker, the esports sector has exploded in recent years. This has created a surge in esports betting, which has been spurred even more by the COVID-19 outbreak, which forced traditional sports leagues to suspend operations.

Esports betting has already been legalized in several US states, with Connecticut being the most recent. Nevada, on the other hand, is already heavily invested in esports and has established a separate regulatory agency to supervise the industry’s growth.

While some remain wary of esports betting possibilities, several regulatory agencies and gaming corporations have decided to back the youth and their favorite esports events.

E-Sport Games to Betting

Esports games are sweeping the globe. Grand tournaments and record-breaking prize pools make their way into fringe community forums and major media sites every year. 

Esports has all the makings of being one of the defining qualities of the twenty-first century, whether you look at revenue streams, viewership figures, or the mere novelty of the movement. Here are the top games that you can bet on: 

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Dota 2
  3. League of Legends
  4. Fortnite 
  5. Call of Duty

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