Top 7 Best Android Survival Games

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Top 7 best android survival games – Gaming on Android has various interesting genres, one of which is the survival genre. Where this genre can be played the same as Mobile Legends and PUBG. The best android survival game guides the players to survive until the end of the game.

Now the survival game seems to be competing to create the best version. It can be seen from many game developers releasing survival games complete with advanced features on the Play Store and Appstore. This certainly makes people confused about which survival game is quality.

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Top 7 Best Android Survival Games

The list of the best android survival games below is a game that hits all circles. Judging from the number of downloads is very large and gets positive feedback. Check out the following reviews!

1. Last Day on Earth

This Last Day on Earth game has been downloaded 3 million times via Google PlayStore. The game features the adventures of the characters who are adventuring in the middle of the forest and survive.

In one session you will survive in the middle of the forest with other survivors. The fun thing about this game is that you can find interesting and interesting items. Then you and the other survivors will build a house to take shelter from the enemy.

2. LifeAfter

LifeAfter is one of the best Android survival games that is widely discussed throughout 2019. This game shows how players can survive from zombie attacks. At the same time the player will go on a tense enough adventure.

The advantage of the LifeAfter game is that it provides several interesting modes. For example, multiplayer or single player mode and other interesting modes. However, to play LifeAfter smoothly, you have to go through an Android smartphone with qualified specifications.

3. Survival Adventure

Just like the title, Survival Adventure is the best survival game. Where players will try to survive in the middle of a large forest. In addition, you will survive the strong and deadly animal attacks.

Survival Adventure has been named as one of the most exciting game play. Especially the HD graphic display that is served is very slick.

4. Ocean is Home

One of the best android survival games created by Birdy Dod Studio. Where the Ocean is Home game shows how to survive on a desert island.

In addition, there are several missions that players have to complete, such as building houses, making weapons, and foraging for food.

5. Jurassic Survival

Jurassic Survival is a game that is inspired by the big screen film Jurassic Park. However, seen from the appearance of the gameplay, it is similar to the game Last Day on Earth.

This one game features interesting characters and is different from other survival games. What’s more, the players will try to survive the attacks of the Dinosaurs.

6. Live or Die

When looking for a survival game on the Google PlayStore, on average, it displays the theme of the Zombie game. One of the best is the game Live of Die, which tells how to survive effectively from a large number of zombies.

Various thrilling missions must be solved to win the game. Game Live or Die features excellent HD graphics. Coupled with a story plot that attracts attention.

7. The Trail

The Trail game is included in the best android survival game category of all time. It comes with fairly light gameplay so that anyone can play it.

Judging from the graphic display is very smooth so it’s no surprise that it can be easily accessed from mid-range smartphones. To win the game, complete all the missions provided. / Dy

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