Tips How to Play poker in an Aggressive manner

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Play poker is a game of strategy; they say chess is the sport of kings, well if that’s so then poker is the sport of gods.

You can sit at the table and fan-gly fluff a king or queen or an ace like Zeus when you play a maximum pot in a poker game. If you have the opportunity to bluff a high or a low hand, or to dumb-proof a big pot, there’s nothing better.

At the poker table you must play aggressively. Avoid scared plays, and be aggressive when you have a hand. This is also known as stealing the blinds- traditionally a move recommended for new players, this- can be extremely profitable.

Stealing the blinds is a well known move by every poker professional as an aggressive move that can, if executed correctly, result in a lot of small pots and a few big pots.

It’s perhaps the most challenging aspect of poker, because it is something that requires extensive poker instincts and usually has a high price. But as you will see in the next few paragraphs, once you have it- you will profit.

There are 5 general types of poker players. In the beginning you will find yourself being at the mercy of other players, waiting for a good hand to make a move, as most players tend to at this point. Don’t be scared of this. You likely know even more about your own hand than your opponent does, so hold on to that information- for later use.

Play Poker Strategy That Becomes the Base of the Game

Good hands to stage a steal are low suited cards, big busted flops and more skilled players. You must however only steal the blinds from opponents you are certain you can beat, as your own hand may not be as strong.

For example, you’ve hit a big pocket pair on the flop. It is the only card you will get for quite a while. Try for a small pot, and call any raises. If you are called, drop it in and wait for a better hand.

There are a few exceptions to this strategy, such as being re-raised pre-flop and a half-pot bet on the flop. Other than that, stick to the principle of simple pot-odds play, and you’ll be fine.

Bluffing Raise

You raise while holding an unbeatable hand, such as a set, the only draw possible, such as the flush or straight, or an overpair such as quad aces. Only do this if you intend to make the other players fold. Don’t do this if you are in position, or facing a loose opponent.

The idea is to make everyone fold pre-flop. Give the impression that you have great strength. If you have a loose aggressor then just call, but if you have a tight aggressor then lead out with a big raise followed by some capping bets.

Note, bluffing is not 100% successful, so don’t be afraid to try and bluff if there are only few left or you are (+EV).

Slow Play

When you suspect you may be beaten then slow play. Let other players get the chips you want and fold. Or, if you suspect they may call then just put in a small bet, say 4-8% of the pot, and hope they fold. This way you make sure you get some value for your bluff.

You can do this in an ordinary hand, for example, if you had pocket kings and on the flop had four callers, you can check to allow someone to bet, and then just put in a small bet such as 4% of the pot, and hope you get called. If you are called then you can just keep betting the pot.

Note, you don’t need to slow play if your defence is not good. Your opponents may just call you down for the sake of the play.

Fast Play

This is the opposite of slow play. When you suspect your opposition will call only the current situation. If you have a very good hand then bet the stack. Most times you will increase the pot.

bandits get so frustrated when you’re playing tight because they get so cheated out of the pot, and then you come back with a big raise and steal the loot again. Try playing on the agen judi online gambling site.

They will remember this all next time you come back to play in a few weeks, and will be more eager to shoot you down in person.

This is the review about Poker Strategy – 5 Tips How to Play in an Aggressive manner that I can convey, hopefully it will be useful information. /Aha

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