The Best National Team Player Who Became a Field Star

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The Best National Team Player – Talking about the Indonesian national team, of course, immediately remember the names of various players who have skyrocketed their careers. There are various names that are the pride of our national team.

The excitement of the match that is being carried out provides evidence that football is a forum for various events. Back to talking about the national team, there are various names that are quite superior and well-known.

One of the best national team players is a star on the field for the quality of the game he does. They are in the spotlight for their ability to control the ball on the field.

With this quality done by them, then they become field stars with the title of best national team player. Seeing this record of results shows that they managed to score goals against their opponents well.

The best national team players also have different categories. There are those from the u-25, u-22, and even u-17 classes.

They have their own criteria and expertise in operating the ball on the field. For their good performance, then make them a superior player.

This best national team player will certainly make Indonesia proud in a soccer match. Their superiority is the main key in making football a mainstay game for Indonesia.

There are many national team players who have qualified quality, but there is one name that many people idolize.

Osvaldo Haay, Best Young National Team Player

Getting to know Osvaldo Haay will surely remind you of his actions on the field. His expertise in operating and controlling the ball is not in doubt.

Many people think that he is suitable to be the best national team player in his class. He is a player who was part of the U-22 team in starting his career. Although he is still young, he is very talented with the games he plays.

He is a player with an attacking role in the national team, with this expertise, it is not surprising that he is the best national team player because his expertise is not in doubt.

In the sports media there are also various match results recapitulation. Seeing the quality of the game, this score is also due to his participation.

His brilliant career was also increasingly seen in the 2019 Sea Games. Thanks to good cooperation, the national team managed to advance to the final. His action on the field was in the spotlight of many people and called him a field star.

This best national team player also received an award as top scorer, you know. The quality of his game has indeed been seen in his actions since he joined Persebaya Surabaya.

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That is the review of the best national team players who have become field stars, I hope this review will find useful information for you. / Aha


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