Poker Table Flipped in Japan, But Was it the Best Blow Up Ever?

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Poker Table Flipped in Japan – A table was flipped at a Japanese poker game this week… but was it the worst blow-up ever?

Luke Schwartz is notorious for going into ‘anger mode’ at the poker table from time to time, while Phil Hellmuth isn’t nicknamed as The Poker Brat for nothing. We’ve uncovered four hilarious poker blow-ups for you to enjoy!

This week in poker, a table was flipped during a game. Does it truly classify as a blow-up, despite the evident excitement and drama this clip immediately provides? And, if it did, would it be able to stand (or sit) with any of the greatest blow-ups of all time?

To find out more, Keluaran SGP dug through the archives and discovered four more poker moments where players blew their tops that we believe are even better.

What Happened in Japan?

The poker game took place at the Japan Gold Dragon in Osaka, according to Twitter. While nothing is known about the circumstances surrounding the dispute, a player who was not seated at the table returned to the felt in an attempt to topple the table.

Whatever the specifics of this private quarrel were, the camera shows very little of the aftermath, thanks to the players’ chip stacks appearing on the screen. Given how simple it would be to recalculate how many chips each player had at the time the table was tilted, this could be the worst insult to the culprit.

After the table appears to be back in place, one of the players gently places a couple of cans of a popular energy drink on the table. Why? Human nature is a marvel to behold.

Hellmuth Loses with Context

While the Japanese video is interesting, it must be stated that the player who is not playing poker at the time loses a lot of points. In this following film, Phil ‘The Poker Brat’ Hellmuth takes on Andy Seth on the World Poker Tour, and the star of the table couldn’t be more involved.

Hellmuth is all-in with pocket queens versus ace-jack, and the board is looking good for him until an ace on the river eliminates him and puts an end to his WPT aspirations. Seth is ecstatic, but Hellmuth is crushed, and after initially seeming calm and shaking players’ hands, he crawls into the corner on his hands and knees to speak with the floor.

“I’ve been waiting for this person.” He bemoans the situation. “They don’t understand how I have all the chips every day when I never go all-in,” he says. The Poker Brat is knocked out in a spectacular manner after finally going all-in, and his blow-up, albeit subtle, is deadly.

Dave ‘The Devil Fish’ Ulliott ‘Quits’ Poker

When the late Dave Ulliott takes on Agnieszka Rylik at the felt, he holds pocket aces and is way ahead of Rylik’s ace-six. That is, until four running cards appear, giving Rylik the most unlikely of straights.

At the run-out, Ulliott, who has been silently despondent, is visibly enraged.

“I swear to God, I’m quitting poker.” As he walks away from the table, he quips. Cruel? The Fish was unrivaled when it came to dealing with the devil.

Tony G Sends Ralph Perry ‘Home’

Tony G, after getting it in good against American pro-Ralph Perry, goes on a weird outburst in which he taunts his opponent while the cards come in and eventually send Perry home. Tony G, on the other hand, is dead set on sending him “back to Russia.”

When the river card is dealt, Tony G chastises a deafeningly silence Perry. He screams, “Send on more Russians!” “Can you sense my strength, baby?” While Tony G went on to become a member of the European Parliament, Perry continued in the game and cashed in ranked online tournaments at the World Series of Poker alone over a dozen times last year.

He’s already won money in an online WSOP Circuit event this year.

Luke Schwartz and David Benyamine Go to War

“You pompous person, David Benyamine, in your eye!” Who can forget the iconic put-down from Luke ‘Full Flush’ Schwartz, the master of the throwdowns? Schwartz was all over the table like a boss from the first transaction in the legendary fourth season of the Party Poker Premier League, but he wouldn’t back down when David Benyamine got into a raising war with him.

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