Types and How to Play Online Soccer Games of Chance

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ONLINE SOCCER GAMES – There are so many types of online soccer bets, and of course, each of these types of bets will not all be interesting for all bettors. There are those who like to play handicap betting, but there are also those who prefer to bet over under. There are also those who prefer parlay bets that bring big wins, but there are also those who avoid them because they are considered to be quite risky.

How to Play any Types of Online Soccer Betting

Handicap Betting

Handicap is a very important bet and must be mastered by any online soccer betting bettor. Because this bet is the simplest bet and is always open in every competition. So if you really intend to play soccer games of chance online, you really need to know and understand how to play with this bet because this bet is the fairest and can benefit any bettor if done correctly.

Over Under Bet

Not the same as handicap betting, which requires a good prediction of rumus permainan slot pragmatic which team will win and what the goal difference is. Over-under or up-and-down bets or often also called OU bets do not matter which team wins or loses, but rather how many goals are scored in the game.

Stadteam and Villa M, for example, receive a market value of 3 OU balls. Then you can bet above or below. You win the over bet if the number of goals in the game is 4 or more goals. On the other hand, under the bet, you win if the number of goals scored is less than 3, so a maximum of two goals. If the number of goals in the game equals 3 or the market value of the OU, the online soccer bet is a tie.

Mix Parlay Bet

Or also known as mixed parlay. This bet is disliked by some bettors as it is considered to be quite risky, but on the flip side, this bet is also the mainstay of some bettors who are quite confident with the game taking place.

Parlay betting requires you to choose at least three games that you want to play and that choice can be made freely, and you can also choose more than three, which of course makes the bet more complex and balanced with large payouts.

Draw House Bet

Also called a 1 x 2 bet or win or loss. With this bet there is no application of handicaps like voor vooran as you are only guessing the results of three possibilities that occur and are also liked by many people and are considered to be quite profitable.

You only have to bet x on a draw, 1 on a home or home team win and 2nd place on a away or away team win.

Bet on the Correct Result

Also known as score guessing, meaning you guess the score correctly and are paid out according to the odds offered when you place this bet.

This bet is not the main bet that you need to focus on cara judi online as the level of difficulty to guess the score correctly depends more on luck alone, of course. / Dy


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