9 Online Slot Gambling Terms That You Must Know

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Online Slot Gambling Terms – To play online slots and win, you must know some terms in this game. There are at least eight terms that you must master so that you can play online gambling slots and beat your opponents.

Online Slot Gambling Terms

Online Slot Gambling Terms

1 . Reel

The reel is the number of reels contained in a slot machine. At the beginning of its creation, this slot machine has 3 reels. But as the times grew, the reels in online slots got a change to 5 reels. Although some games still have 3 reels, this is not dominant in the excitement that every Online Slot Machine creates. The following reel will spin and stop to indicate various symbols that judge your winnings.

2 . Payline

Payline is a payline that is owned by Online Slot Games. Payline acts as a decisive line of victory that you get. Currently, the number of paylines on a machine can even reach 1000 paylines. Online slots that have a large number of paylines will give players more opportunities to win. But it should also be noted, that the more paylines you bet on, the larger the number of bets you need to place.

3 . Range Bet

Range Bet is the minimum distance to the maximum bet that will be placed. Usually in each game, you will see the range of bets that the game has. You can judge how many bets will be placed according to the Range Bet.

4 . Wild

Wild is a symbol that has a high payout rate. The function of the Wild can actually be different in each Online Slot game. There are those who can give up big prizes by getting wild symbols as often as possible, and there are also wild symbols that are useful as symbols that can be combined with other symbols and give extra prizes to the winnings. The point is that this wild symbol is very, very important and needs to be obtained when you play.


5 . Free Spins

Free Spin is a feature that allows players to play Online Slot Machines without the need to place bets. Not all online slot games have this feature. There are various ways to get this Free Spin, depending on what online slot game you are playing. Slot games with the Free Spin feature will certainly increase the player’s chances and wins by always playing with less capital.

6 . Scatter

Scatter is an exclusive Symbol in Online Slot games and not all games have this symbol. In general, this symbol will give the player a Free Spin bonus if the player finds these 3 symbols on any reel. However, in some games, Scatter can also be used as a win multiplier or game bonus or extra game trigger.

7 . Bonus and Extra Game Features

This feature is not available in all online slot games. Bonus and Extra Game Features are features that cause extra games in Online Slot games which will later bring additional wins for players. And the technique for getting this feature also varies according to the theme and type of game.

8 . Jackpot

Jackpot is the biggest prize that can be obtained in a game. Usually, to get this jackpot prize, players need to get a special symbol or follow the existing bonus game features. Of course, this jackpot will be very difficult to get. So when playing Online Slot Games, try not to aspire to find this Jackpot. It will be easier to find big wins through Bonus Features and extra games

9 . Progressive Jackpot

A progressive Jackpot is a Jackpot whose value is more than the regular Jackpot. Progressive Jackpot is the total amount of bets that have been wagered or entered into the Slot Machine. The longer, the Jackpot will continue to increase as the number of coins entered by each player in playing it. And will return from zero if the Slot Machine has issued this Jackpot.

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