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NBA Full Field Reports – The NBA playoffs continue on Tuesday night with three more games on the schedule. I have Premium selections in the early game on TNT (G played at midnight ET on TNT) in which the Suns take on the Bucks, follow that play on the Travel Channel (G played at 9:35 ET on TNT) in which Phoenix finds its elusive backcourt, and Lastly.

I have a Fullcourt Report (FTR) that I released on Saturday evening in which I mentioned the Pistons, and outlined why I think the ultimate title to watch in this years playoffs might be Detroit.

The Pistons are now 10-2 when facing elimination since the early stages of the season, and the Bucks are still without G Isiah Thomas who was injured late last week. Milwaukee has shown some defensive weakness in its past two wins, by allowing 104 points on April 15th in Milwaukee, and by 98 points last night.

However, we all know how important defense is in the playoffs, and how important rebounding and pushing the pace, which are both factors that the Pistons are likely to exploit against a lesser opponent in the NBA Finals. Maybe you should try out some really great money making gambling sites at judi online try your luck here.

As a Result of the NBA Full Field Reports

Phoenix is favored by 8 points tonight, at home against Detroit, who lost to Miami by 21 points a few days ago. Detroit is still without their best player, as Average Points Added per game (AGAA) stand at -0.826, meaning Detroit has been held to basically play-by-their-play. Phoenix has been a very weak team during the season at 0-11-2, but the Suns have been decent late in the season at 4-6 SU, and 9-3 ATS.

Phoenix did lose to the Lakers last night, but did so by a margin of four points, 104-92. Detroit is favored by eight points tonight in Detroit, at 8:05 ET. Detroit is just 2-10 ATS in their past twelve vs.

Eastern Conference teams, and 6-7 ATS in their past eleven in Detroit. Since so many Eastern conference teams are so bad, Detroit is likely to have a very strong performance tonight in what could turn out to be a very entertaining series.

The Rockets are 0-4 SU and ATS in their past four games, and just 1-3 SU and ATS in their past three games. Phoenix is favored by eight points tonight in Houston, at 8:05 ET. Phoenix is 0-1 SU and ATS in their past two visit to Houston, and the Suns have held the Rockets to 22 points per game during their past twelve meetings.

Then there is the Mavericks. Dallas is now 6-0 SU and 7-1 ATS in the past six games, after suffering a surprising loss in Portland on Saturday. Nowitzki returned from an elbow injury as of Sunday morning, and however the Mavericks budgeted him as just 20 minutes of game time on Saturday, and nothing else has changed. Dallas is favored tonight by 8 1/2 points with a total of 178.

The Spurs are 8-0 SU and ATS their past eight games, after suffering a loss at Portland on Saturday. Parker did not play last night, and though SA is favored tonight by 25 points with a total of 210, it is questionable if SA will be enough to carry the load for the entire game. SA is favored by 10 1/2 points with a total of morphed 210.

something new, a tandem like AA and QB. Oddsmakers at Pinnacle Sports adjusted the lines slightly on Sunday, and the new line is San Antonio at -220 and Dallas at +206. It is virtually a sure win for Dallas, as the Spurs would have to lose by exactly 23 points if Miami were to cover, and San Antonio would have to win the game by exactly 21 points if it loses.

With the adjustments, Dallas also would have to win the game by exactly 21 points if it loses, or lose the game by 21 points if it wins. Miami is favored by 10 points with a total of 210.

It should be an interesting late-season Western Conference race, but the Spurs appear to have enough going for them to capture the championship.

Next up for the Mavs is a date with the Spurs on Sunday, November 3. That’s an interesting review about NBA Full Field Reports On Every Game that I can present to you, Hopefully it can be information that inspires you. /Aha

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