Dead Riders Trail Slot Review: RTP 96.2% (Relax Gaming)

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You must be curious about the Dead Riders Trail slot review. The title of this game may be a little deceptive. It makes sense to anticipate bandits of some kind, pirates, ships, and cannonballs. 

However, this game is a pure Compton production! It is a new spin on slot machines, inspired by gangs, robberies, and criminality on the streets of Los Angeles. While the features keep your eyes and mind glued to the screen, the overall design is breathtaking. 

Although Relax Gaming has always produced quality games, this one is well beyond our expectations.

Summary of Dead Riders Trail Slot Review

Online slot machine Dead Rider’s Trail was developed by Relax Gaming. Free spins, a bonus trail, and a super bonus trail are some of the prominent features. The biggest reward in the game is worth a substantial 50,000x your stake, the RTP is an astounding 96.2%, and the volatility in this slot is high.

1. Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

A group of lawbreakers and criminals are followed in Dead Riders Trail slot review as they make every effort to keep the riches all to themselves. 

Every character you come across has a unique backstory, just like in the Sons of Anarchy TV series, and the hypnotic backgrounds let players to experience the heat of the asphalt and see the bond between this merciless gang.

In all honesty, some people might think that this action-themed game is a little violent, and yes, it is at times. Not everyone will enjoy the explosions, smoke, and firearms, but that doesn’t mean Dead Rider’s Trail isn’t worth a try.

2. RTP and Volatility

The RTP for Dead Riders Trail slot review is 96.2%. The return to player rate can be regarded as being quite strong, especially in light of the fact that the industry average RTP for online slots is around 96%. 

Due to the game’s high volatility, anticipate fewer but more profitable wins. Additionally, there is a possibility of receiving the maximum reward, which is astounding 50,000 times the stake!

3. How to Win

A 6×6 grid is used to lay out Dead Rider’s Trail. When three or more symbols appear on adjacent reels, payouts are initiated as usual. The game’s fun element is the absence of symbols on the stone blocks, which players must remove in order to win.

For three clubs in a payline, the game’s minimum payout is just 0.05 times the wager. Equally disappointing is the base game’s maximum win, which is only 1x the bet for the Dead Rider’s Trail symbol. Dead Rider’s Trail has a per-spin betting range of £0.20 to £20.

4. Free Spins

Some of the stone blocks will have bombs attached to them in this round. You’ll feel the heat of the explosion coming your way if you score a win close to them. As a result, identical symbols will be placed in each location on that reel. You will receive three more spins to continue your bonus game if all the stone blocks are removed.

5. Bonus Trail

You begin with two gas cans in the Bonus Trail feature and advance one to six steps with each spin. The main objective is to use as much gas and activate as many features as you can without running out of it. 

Additionally, there are specific boosters that can increase multipliers by up to 1,000 times every tile. Other boosters include persistent features that last the duration of the feature, Cash, Refuel, Sniper, Shoot Back, Collect, and Sniper features.

The golden truck in the Super Bonus Trail replaces the silver one, increasing your chances of triggering huge multipliers, additional bonus features, and the highest prize of 50,000 times your original wager!

Final Results

One of the best new releases in a while is this lokasi 123 game. The additional features really make this game stand out, despite the base game’s very meager payouts. 

This Dead Riders Trail slot review is a must-play in our opinion because it offers free spins, a ton of bonus trail elements that increase your wins, and a visually appealing slot design. Although the gameplay may include a hint of violence, there are occasions when a little chaos in a slot game can be entertaining.

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