How Much It Cost to Grind Under Lights on Live Poker Tournament

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While it is fine to sit in your boxer shorts for hours on end, looking at your computer screen and grinding on five, or ten online tables, nothing beats the exhilaration of live tournament play.

The speed is slower, yet sitting at the tactile feeling has a different, more human feel at it. It is not to add that there are few things more exhilarating in the poker game than playing 8k or 16k blinds while seeing the player count climb closer and closer to the final table. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the cost to grind under lights on live poker tournament with a single live event, as well as some methods for “lowering the rake.”

Cost to Grind Under Lights on Live Poker Tournament : Fee for Participation

Chips & Cards

This goes without saying, yet it may vary so greatly that it’s difficult to estimate. Chances are, by the time you get to your live event, you’ve already paid for your entry fee.

Gas and Airfare

Travel expenditures are the one of cost to grind under lights on live poker tournaments, this  might add up quickly depending on how far you want to travel to your live tournament. The cheapest option is to go by automobile, but petrol costs are out of control these days, and both legs of your journey might easily cost more than 100 dollars and leave you with a major butt cramp.

When it comes to airfare, no one needs an explanation as to how expensive it is to fly. If you’re going abroad, you might be looking at upwards of 1000 dollars here. If a flight like that is on your calendar, make sure you’re bringing the heat when you get at the tables.


If you’re a live tournament player, chances are you have a friend who is also in the event. It is not necessary to travel separately. Join forces and split the driving chores and expenditures.


If you’re flying, book early and at the lowest cost of the week, typically Tuesday mornings. Hey, it’s random, but studies have proven that now is the ideal time to get those tickets!


Again, assuming you don’t live on the Vegas strip and live tournament isn’t right around the street. You will have to stay off the hip for at least a couple nights. Lodging includes the cost to grind under lights on live poker tournaments. Sleep is critical to your performance in a live event, so don’t scrimp on the accommodations. 

Depending on the area and demand, expect to pay at least 150 dollars each night. Playing well may need more nights, but I’ve never heard someone make the final table and grumble about their hotel price.


Make a reservation ahead of time. Check out travel websites to locate and compare the greatest offers, and book far enough in advance to obtain the cheapest rates.


Consider sharing a room with a pal. You’re here to work, not to bring someone back into your room, so as long as you have enough space and separate beds, everything should be OK.

Cost to Grind Under Lights on Live Poker Tournament : Food

Live tournament play may be exhausting, so you will want to make sure you’re eating well and staying hydrated. Depending on where the tournament is located, affordable food may not be an option, and you’re unlikely to have the time or resources to cook. This means you may be looking at dinners costing more than 25 dollars.

Furthermore, after a hard day on the felt, you and your teammates may want to go out to blow off some steam and debate strategy or smack. This implies you should save some money for a few beers or mixed cocktails.


There’s no shame in choosing salads over large dinners. It’s also a more nutritious and lighter option, which means you’ll be more awake and ready to win big at the table.


If you’re going out for drinks, use soda water as your mixer and follow each drink with a big glass of water (it will make you feel much better in the morning).

Overall, we’d guess that the grand total of your spending for a three-day event would be roughly 800 dollars, but might well exceed that. While it may appear to be costly, it is only an added incentive to focus and play well so that you may repay the money you invested just to participate. No need to wait just to play slot gacor.

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