10 Best Gambling Places in Louisiana: from Classic to The Newest

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When you are visiting or you may actually be living in Louisiana, you may be wondering which are the best gambling places in Louisiana. Yes, we have already heard that question so many times!. 

As people know from around the world, Atlantic City and Las Vegas have held a captive audience for the US Casino gamblers for decades. In addition, Las Vegas is known as one of the most popular cities or destination for gambling in the world. Yes, you might know it!. 

Sadly, the laws of gambling is started to loose in several parts of the country and it started around the 1980s until 1990s. In addition, this softer stance as a result of gaming is growing in some states like Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, and also Louisiana.  

Then, Louisiana actually had an amazing advantage even immediately. Its city even became the second most popular state in the country. However, in the United States, Texas is a state with no Casinos or whatsoever more than other states. Therefore, from the beginning Louisiana city targeted people in Texas to gamble there wilfully. 

Best Gambling Places in Louisiana

Okay, okay be patient! Now we move to some of the best Casinos in Louisiana. You may be stunned and amazed with the facilities and views there. 

1. Margaritaville Resort Casino

One of the most exciting areas in Louisiana is The Shreveport-Bossier City. It is the most intriguing location for gambing in the United States. With only 45 minutes across Louisiana from Texas, you can arrive at the region which boasts several outstanding Casinos. 

In addition, Margaritaville Resort Casino is known as the gambling incarnation of popular Jimmy Buffet. Its Casino has 30,000 square feet of floor spans and resembles a cruise liner. 

Moreover, every month it is over paid out $88,000,000 on 1,200 slot game machines. Woohoo. you will feel like you are in a palace as it is a huge Casino. In addition, if you are bored, you can walk along through the inside of the Casino. You may also feel like you are a big fish in a small pond to get the big money!. 

2. L’Auberge Casino Resort

Do you know Lake Charles? Yes it exploded as a premier when Louisiana became a popular gambling destination. 

Casinos in Lake Charles, Louisiana are only two hours from Houston TX which is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United State. 

L’Auberge Casino Resort provides the options ove than 1,600 game slot machines. Its Casino also has the newest games and technology to make their gambling floor stunning. 

In addition, that big Casino also provides a comfort room for people who are non smokers but want to play poker games. In addition, the poker room presents many tables with Omaha and Texas Hold’em. 

Many people expect Poker games so it becomes the star show at L’Auberge. That is not all, you can find 75 table games including popular games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and so on.Fortunately, its Casino offers three types of Baccarat and also an amazing selection of 9 Poker variation games. 

3. Coushatta Casino Resort 

Coushatta Louisiana is the largest and also most famous for gambling. It is celebrated as having an open slot in that state. 

When you are visiting that state, you are highly recommended to join a gaming activity in Coushatta. Why? Because that Casino has 70 table games which will not make you bored and the new local games, Cajon Stud for entertaining you. 

There are also Craps and Roulette for you to try. In addition, its Casino is like a fantasy chance for the players. However, it is a good idea for Casino to satisfy them. Yes, same as the other Casinos where players can wager and lose their money by two games at the same time. 

4. Golden Nugget, Lake Charles Hotel and Casino 

In the Golden Nugget, Lake Charles, you can find happiness while playing there as it is the highest-rated Casinos in Louisiana City. 

Hm, most people who play there feel satisfied because the Casino treats them like royalty. Wait, wait.. we do not mean that other Casinos do not treat their customers in good ways, however, when you enter Golden Nugget, you will feel differently. 

In addition, this casino takes their customers to a high level. The luxurious view and resort provides you to feel like you are in the entire Las Vegas. That is not all! You can play golf there as it has an 18 championship and spa. 

Golden Nugget has 80 table games inside. You can feel the colossal variety that means you will rarely need to wait for the table games to open. 

How about the slot games? Do not worry! if you are a slot enthusiast you can join players with so many 1,6000 slot machines. What makes it unique? All those games are often being updated. Moreover, the Casino has a 3D video slots catalog. In the end, this Casino setted like Las Vegas territory. 

5. Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport 

This Eldorado Resort Casino has had rules for the Casinos in Louisiana for years. It offers more than 1,500 slot machines ranging from penny slots and up to $100 per payline. In addition, the preferences or bankroll will be the perfect game for you in Eldorado. 

Players may enjoy the Casino and it can be their place to play games with friends as Eldorado has 50 table games. You can enjoy the standard mix of the old or new with some rules. Moreover, this Casino fierces the competition across the town and state. Therefore, Eldorado continues to be a leading industry Casino in Louisiana. 

6. Harrah’s Louisiana Downs

The local may know Harrah’s Louisiana Downs offer lots of gambling fun in a convenient package. Yes, it occupies over 130,000 square feet and is focused on the slot players. It is also one of the best gambling places in Louisiana. 

In addition, the Casino has more than 1,3000 slot game machines which are spread around its place. However, Harrah’s Louisiana Downs does not provide a single table game. Then, if you are interested in playing games like Craps or Baccarat, we recommend that you play in other Casinos. 

B-but! You can still play the unique game here. Yes, there are ponies and you can place your bet on the horses games. You can also toss a few bucks in slot machines among the races. For sports betting, you can enjoy Harrah’s outside view. It is very fun for people who want to get a tan. 

7. Horseshoe Bossier City

In this Horseshoe Bossier City, you will be provided with table games which become a dream for Casino players. Bunch of table games offer thrilling experiences. In addition, the Casino is up to date as it provides traditional and new games for players. 

You can play with real money, which limits go up to $25k, then if you are an enthusiast Casino fan, you should come to Bossier City Casino. 

As you know, casinos are not complete without slot machines. Well, Horseshoe Bossier City provides over 1,700 of the popular themes on the market. That is why this Casino is also set for serious gamblers who want to win big money. 

8. Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall

The next best gambling places in Louisiana are Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. In this place you can feel like you are walking into a Las Vegas Casino. 

This Casino offers eight distinction table games for players to choose from with the easy rules. In addition, the Casino floor is also open and vibrant so the players can enjoy and feel excited to take action at day or night time. 

However, you may not find a poker room as there are some of the spaces in the draw area for players of skill levels.

9. Harrah’s New Orleans Casino and Hotel

Ho Ho! Now you have New Orleans which is one of the most historically and vibrantly grounded cities in the world. You know the fact? It now offers Casinos with the best reputable bonuses in the country. 

In addition, Harrah’s New Or;eams Casino and Hotel offers over 1,5000 slot game machines which keep guests feel excited and entertained for hours to play on their floor. The big progressive slots are basically the top games as it creates a buzz on the floor of its Casino. 

That is not all, you can enjoy video poker. This Casino also pays out over $500,000 for the jackpots weekly on 224 games. Whoa! Are you interested?. 

Moreover, the table games also tease people in Harrah’s. It has over 100 games featuring a rapid catalog of the games for all players. You do not need to make a reason to visit New Orleans as you can also have a trip here and stay for a while in the hotel. 

10. Boomtown Casino and Hotel Bossier City

In the last Boomtown Casino and Hotel Bossier City, it focused more on the slot games. Why? Because this Casino provides more than 1,000 of the newest games for the player to get their luck in the games. 

Video poker is a dream for many players at Boomtown. They fail to realize how much better the opportunity is for video poker than slots if they play with the main strategy. 

In addition, the table games at its Casino do not weigh in at capacity which can tease anybody. It just offers 16 table games. Hm, at least can keep players entertained. 

Boomtown is also overlooked for being a smaller Casino, so if you are interested in a Casino which is not big enough you can try this one. 

In the end, those are the best gambling places in Louisiana. People who are new in that state may be happy with this information as they can place their bets to win big money!. 

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