Santi Cazorla – Profile, Career Statistics and History

Santiago Cazorla Gonzalez is a famous Spanish football player. Santiago is also well known by his other name as Santi Cazorla. Santi has a long track record to show for it. Some of the most popular football experiences that he holds is playing in Al Sadd which is the football league in Qatar.

On top of that, Santiago also played as a former midfielder for the Spanish football team. Santiago Cazorla plays a main position as attacking, midfielder, as well as winger. Cazorla is also known for being a playmaker and a central mid player.

Santiago Cazorla started his football journey at the age of around 20 years old. His first club was at his own hometown which is called as Real Oviedo. Cazorla enjoyed playing for his hometown club and then moved away to a close by club.

This second football club is called as Recreativo de Huelva. Cazorla quickly became a star and then entered La Liga at the year 06 up to 07. Cazorla even ranked amongst the 10 best player in Spain on the year of 2007.

After that, he made his come back by being signed to Villarreal with a price point of 1.2 million euros. This player played for over 5 seasons in total in Villarreal. After that, he also made another career more.

Santiago Cazorla was signed to Malaga and made a one of a time deal. His deal was a signed for 21 million euros in total. Cazorla was able to get this much reputation due to his quality in gameplay, shooting, and strategy.

Santiago kept playing football until the year of 2011 and 2012. This is the time where he faced some financial crisis or situation. On the year of 2012 Santiago move to the premier League and became the key player for arsenal.

His deal was signed at a 10 million pound for one year only. On his first year alone he already scored a couple of assists and became one of the nominees for Arsenal player of the season. Santiago is even nominated as one of the best football players in Europe by many news stations.

Santi Cazorla made so many history in arsenal. One of which includes the fact that he made a free kick that won the FA cup in 2014. This is the highlight of his career. After that there are also some drawbacks to his career which is an injury that is set in 2014.

The injury lasted for a couple of seasons and ended his year in Arsenal at 2018. Ending es duren password does not meet the end of the world Bekasi dan return to Villareal desert time. This only lasted for around 2 years before moving back to the Qatari club known as Al Sadd.

Santiago has some astonishing achievements that has to be remembered. This also includes his debut at the UEFA Euro 2008 when he fought against Peru representing spain. This ended up in a factory and then he was also featured in the 2014 FIFA world cup.

Santiago is able to bring so many goals to his own career. In total he has around 81 appearances in international games and around 15 national goals made by him alone.

Personal Life of Santiago Cazorla

Santiago Cazorla is born in a city in Spain. Cazorla is now married to Ursula Santirso and has 2 children in total. His children is named Enzo and India. Enzo is currently 10 year old and the younger sister which is Santi is 8 years old.

Right now, the family lives happily in spain. Santiago Carzola is still active in playing for foreign football clubs. Right now Santiago has a contract with Al Sadd which is a club in Qatar. Santiago also has 2 younger siblings. Both of whom are not active in the football scene. Santi Cazorla’s religion is known to be a Christian but he is not a religious person.

Santiago Cazorla is a kind hearted person that gives a lot to charity. He took part in many charitable events when playing in Arsenal. One of the associations that he was associated with was Football Beyond Borders. This was a charity that gave younger generation a chance to thrive in football.

Recently, Santi Cazorla also contributed to the battle against the Corona Virus. Santiago Cazorla donated a sum amount of money as well as to help La Liga players.

Journeys of Santiago Cazorla Career


Santiago was born in Asturias and started his career while he was young. Santiago first and third his local team at the age before he was turning 18 years old. He was still 17 years old at that time and he was stuck in a deep financial situation.

This is where he had to enter a football team and then had some problems in the year of 2002. Cuz they’re allowed then move to the la Liga League in order to get more opportunity. This debut started in 13 November while still playing for Tercera Division.

He quickly gained popularity as well as reputation due to his first goals. Some of these goals are winning goals which made the club a much more popular option.

Santiago then scored some more goals during the 2004 UEFA cup. This gave him an opportunity because he was able to be signed into a much better club later on.

Over his UEFA journey he was able to score his first League goal at El Madrigal. After that this followed another victory against Malaga. Unfortunately his journey ended up at a semi-final position.


There are many clubs that Santiago Cazorla signed up for. One of the most popular clubs that he joined is Recreativo. Recreativo is a club that offered Santiago 600, 000 Euros in total and this was signed for 4 years deal.

There was also a clause in the contract that specifically mentions that he is able to return back to his previous club if he wants to. Overall he made some goals which ended in him winning the 8th place .

And then he was also named as the member of European sports magazine. This debut made him one of the strongest player in Spanish at that period of time.

Returning Back to Villarreal

It wasn’t long until Santiago Cazorla came back to his original and first club. His first club is a place where he was able to back to due to his contract. His contract enabled him to move in and out as he wish.

He played his first season in Villarreal and made an assist goal. After that, Cazorla was even offered and considered by Real Madrid. But it was clear that Santiago was not interested in the offer made by Real Madrid back then.


There are plenty of clubs that he joined. One of which is also known as malaga. Malaga is one of the biggest deals that he ever signed. This is literally the biggest deal because it gave him a total of 21 million euros in total.

He made his first debut on August and then lost the game because of a free kick made by the opposing team. Santiago had an injury in the year of 2012. This ended his career in malaga.

However he also made into the top scorer list. Due to his appearance and quality the club was able to qualify for Champions league. This was never done before in history of the club.


Now we have reached the spotlight of Santiago Cazorla. Santiago is famously known because he was a key player for arsenal. He entered Arsenal in the year of 2012 and then signed a long-term deal.

The long-term deal only made him around 10 million pounds which is much lesser than the one he made in malaga. Cazorla became the man of the match award on his first match. Cuzzilla has made some astonishing goals.

One of the key goals that he made was in a win against liverpool. The goal that he made was 2 to 0. This is the first hat-trick that Arsenal was able to achieve in that year.

Santiago made some more astonishing achievement when he made his assist in 2013. His assist led that single match to the qualification of Champions league. Santiago then entered the champions league and finished with 38 games in a season.

He also got the award named as Arsenal’s player of the season on 2012. This nomination made him one of the key stars in arsenal. And that season alone he made around 12 goals combined with 14 assists and a total of 50 appearances.

Santiago then started the new season again but had some trouble against the confederations cup for spain. He was initially benched for a couple of games. After that he played a bit in Arsenal’s mid-games and had a combination of three straight wins within the first 10 games of the season.

Santiago had an injury during the first 10 games of the season. As a result he was unable to play for the rest of september. He made his debut again in November and then became the 300th career appearances. This game resulted in a 3-0 against cardiff.

Santiago had made some incredible goals and that you’re alone. He was also able to bring the win home against tottenham. Even though he’s already considered senior at 29 years old you were still able to make more goals. All of his quality resulted in a long-term deal with Arsenal by signing a brand new deal. Played in Arsenal for a couple more games.

Santiago also made some more key place when he got the winning penalty kick. This penalty kick was at the FA cup against Wigan. Soon Santiago also won his first trophy ever. This trophy came from the 2014 FA cup final when Arsenal was able to beat Hull City.

The total score that was acquired was 3 to 2 goals. Santiago kept on making goals in a total of seven goals. After that he also have 47 appearances all over his career seasons.

Santiago continued his career on the year of 2014. This was a new season for him and the season begin in an opening match against Manchester city. Santiago later than became the 2015 FA cup finalist and played the whole match. This resulted in a win of 420 against Aston Villa.

The match was played at Wembley stadium and the premier League is considered as finished. All in all he has gained a total of 11 assists and made to one of the top ranking scorers.

A new year means that it is time for another season for Santiago in the year of 2015. Santiago has became a much better player in terms of shot accuracy and assessed. That is why he made much more assist in comparison to goals.

Unfortunately he also suffered a knee injury in November 2015. This resulted in a 3-month break that he cannot play at all. He went through rehabilitation and then rejoined the season for the first time against Aston villa. This match alone had made him a key winner in the match.

Santiago may not have played the full year but in 2016 he became one of the key player to win an important match. He made 11 appearances in total and then made two goals in the end of the season.

After that he has to face a chilles tendon injury. In total Arsenal has made six to zero goals for the Champions League game. His rehabilitation did not go well hands he needed to go through surgery.

There are a total of eight surgeries before Santiago is able to play again. The rehabilitation process took some time and after that he also got some further complications. It turns out that Santiago has an infection on his tendon that was originally from his early career days.

This affected his ability to move. Santiago was afraid that his condition would not allow him to walk anymore. He took a break from playing football in 2018 and took further surgeries. Santiago Cazorla then ended his long term contract with Arsenal on 2018.

International Career of Santiago Cazorla

Santiago also played in the international matches against countries all over the place. Of course he played and represented spain. He played in the under 21 League and started his international match against italy. The match ended with a loss for Spain. He quickly recovered from the competition however it was still a loss.

Santiago continued his journey to become one of the most successful football players in spain. This started in May 2008 when Santiago joined the UEFA Euro 2008. Santiago was playing overwhelmingly well and became a part of the main team.

He then made a debut against Peru in a friendly match. The ending score was two to one. After Santiago also scored a goal against Chile and one with a score of 3 to 0.

Santiago Cazorla was often times summoned and join international competitions. One of the other achievements that he was able to get is a win against Germany. It was one of the key moments in his career because it is the first tournament won after over 40 years. Cazorla then entered many world cups but also had to be benched.

The reason why Santiago Cazorla had to be benched is because he had hernia. This made him unable to compete in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The team returned to its glory during 2011 after Santiago has recovered from his surgery. They won against a team from United States with a total score of 4 to 0.

Santiago became so popular that he was nominated as the Spain’s 30th man provisional during 2014 FIFA World Cup. They played their best but still lost to Australia with a score of 2 to 0.

Overcoming his injury is always normal for Cazorla. He had many injuries that he was able to overcome especially before the UEFA Euro 2020 qualification. This is an important event because it was the breaking point of qualifying into UEFA Euro.

Santiago Cazorla snatched the win with Spain vs Faroe Islands. At one point in his career, Santiago also got the position as captain. This goes hand in hand with the original captain Sergio Ramos.

Santiago’s Second Return to Villareal

Santiago had to find another club to play on and had to spend some time training. He returned to his first original club which is Villareal. During his time, we was still just out of recovery. Which means that Santiago Cazorla had to spend time doing building his physique.

He was out of the seasons for almost 2 years. After coming back and being finally ready, Cazorla went on a match against Hercules. This was a local team in Spain. He won the match and was officially signed to Villareal at 2018.

Santiago’s efforts in this league is also astonishing. He was able to score some goals and won 5 to 1 against Real Betis. That specific goal made him the highest scoring midfielder in the history of Spanish football. He also has beaten the previous record holders such as Juan Roman. In total, Santiago has gained 46 goals and 11 assist.

Al Sadd

Al Sadd has given confirmation that Cazorla will be playing in the Qatari Stars Cup. This is the current career of Santiago Cazorla. As for now, he has made 4 goals in the first couple games of his season.

Santiago Cazorla Play Style

Santiago is a player known for his versatility, smartness and dedication. He spent hours every single day to train and kept dedicating his life to football. Santiago mainly plays a position of being a midfielder. He is flexible in terms of positioning.

That is why many football clubs favors him as a football players. Sometimes Cazorla is able to even play as a playmaker. He had different strengths and abilities during his prime year. One of which also includes the ability for him to be a creative player.

Cazorla is not lazy to keep moving all over the playing field. He had the ability to intercept, dribble, and pass balls.

Santiago Cazorla has the excellent skills to keep having the ball in control. With all of that, Santiago Cazorla is able to maintain his stamina.

Santiago Carozla still remains to be a senior football player at the age of 38. He is an excellent player even if he may not be in his prime year anymore. Players who may not know his contributions may not think that Santi is an important figure. Right now, Santiago holds an important position and role in Al Sadd.

International Goals Made

Year Appearances Goals made
No. Date Opponents Score Results
1.19 Nov 2008Chile3 – 03 – 0
2.9 Sept 2009Estonia2 – 03 – 0
3.4 June 2011United State1 – 00
4.3 – 04 – 0
5.26 May 2012Serbia2 – 02 – 0
6.30 May 2012South Korea3 – 14 – 1
7.15 Aug 2012Puerto Rico1 – 02 – 1
8.7 Sept 2012Saudi Arabia1 – 05 – 0
9.14 Aug 2013Haiti1 – 02 – 1
10.16 Nov 2013Ecuador2 – 02 – 1
11.16 Nov 2013Equatorial Guinea1 – 02 – 0
12.9 Oct 2015Luxembourg1 – 04 – 0
13.4 – 04 – 0
14.13 Nov 2015England2 – 02 – 0
15.15 Nov 2019Malta2 – 07 – 0

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